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We provide outplacement support to businesses of all sizes through structured outplacement delivery programmes which enables those affected to smoothly transition in their careers and find new opportunities.

We are the UK’s number 1 outplacement provider with over 50 years’ experience of successfully supporting those faced with redundancy find a new job.

We are the no. 1 outplacement provider


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What is outplacement?


Employees are cited as a business’s most important resource and how they are treated in a redundancy reflects on the employers values and culture. Outplacement is a service paid for by the employer that supports those who have been affected by redundancy find a new job.

Companies often invest in outplacement because it is the ‘right thing to do’ in supporting former employees as they move on. It can also support their brand reputation where they are seen to be providing care and support to those impacted by redundancy.

What is outplacement - a quick overview

Benefits of LHH’s outplacement programmes


  • Flexible solutions to meet the specific needs of the employer and outplaced candidates.

  • Our programmes can be implemented quickly and seamlesslystrong> into your redundancy process.

  • On-going support after the delivery of our programmes.

  • Our services can help maintain your brand reputation and help those who are leaving become brand advocates.

  • We provide valuable support to employees who are staying, helping to maintain morale and product effectiveness.
  • Our virtual delivery and face-to-face onsite offering gives you the flexibility to meet our careers advisors through a channel that best meets your business needs.


LHH outplacement programmes

We have the scale, the expertise and the insight to identify opportunities and deliver them.



JSE Premium

Our cost effective outplacement programme provides candidates with access to our candidate career portal and valuable career resources.






Search Launch

In addition to the JSE premium resources, candidates also get access to coaching sessions, workshops and help on candidate branding.





Professional Programme

Our in-demand Professional Programme provides candidates with 1:1 consulting, hands on support in personal brand promotion and access to online learning tools.





Executive Programme

With personal support ranging from 6-12 months, our dedicated career team delivers a bespoke candidate package that provides invaluable support through there career transition including access to executive networking groups and 1:1 career coaches.




What our candidates are saying:


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