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We offer flexible outplacement programs that support businesses of all sizes, providing candidates with a personalized career plan to help them find their next job.


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LHH provides outplacement support to businesses of all sizes through structured outplacement delivery programs which enable those affected to smoothly transition in their careers and find new opportunities. We are the leading outplacement provider with over 50 years of experience successfully supporting those faced with redundancy find a new job.

Best-in-class organizations recognize that providing outplacement support to those facing redundancy due to business change is an important part of their talent and business transformation strategy. The aim of such an initiative is to guide people through their next career move to help them successfully transition out of the business whilst also supporting remaining employees with the change.


Just a 1% downsize in the workforce leads to


increase in voluntary turnover rate in the following year decline in job satisfaction decline in organizational commitment decline in job performance


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What is outplacement?

Employees are cited as a business’s most important resource and how they are treated in a redundancy reflects on the employers values and culture. Outplacement is a service paid for by the employer that supports those who have been affected by redundancy find a new job.

Benefits of LHH’s outplacement programs

  • Flexible solutions to meet the specific needs of the employer and outplaced candidates.

  • Our programs can be implemented quickly and seamlessly into your redundancy process.

  • On-going support after the delivery of our program.

  • Our services can help maintain your brand reputation and help those who are leaving become brand advocates.

  • We provide valuable support to employees who are staying, helping to maintain morale and product effectiveness.

  • Our virtual delivery and face-to-face onsite offering gives you the flexibility to meet our careers advisors through a channel that best meets your business needs. 

Why do organizations provide outplacement support?


It’s the right thing to do


Improving employee morale, motivation and productivity


Improving reputation and protecting employer brand


Minimizing and avoiding legal risk

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