LHH Career Canvas

The next generation career transition and mobility solution using generative AI

59% of white-collar workers said they want to develop new skills to propel their career but don’t know what to pursue.

Volatility in the market is forcing many employers to downsize, even amid deep talent scarcities. These unusual dynamics are an opportunity for employers to be mindful how they let people go and how to support their remaining employees – setting the business and individuals up for lasting success.

This is why we developed LHH Career Canvas – as a career inspiration tool that empowers job seekers and employees alike to break out of default career paths and uncover new possibilities. LHH Career Canvas supports career exploration and offers insights to imagine new ways forward.

Currently in pilot with LHH Career Transition candidates, LHH Career Canvas allows individuals to:

  • Take a short questionnaire & get their CV/resume parsed to collect data about their professional experiences as well as their passions, hobbies, personal dealbreakers, and aspirations.
  • Get role inspirations using generative AI and real-time labor market data, they get role suggestions that reflect their interests, experience, salary expectations as well as represent emerging and high-demand professions.
  • Use an AI chat tool where they can ask career specific questions related to the role suggestions provided including how long it will take to upskill for certain skills, etc.

LHH Career Canvas is now in pilot with candidates around the world. To learn more about and how you can provide your exiting talent with this exciting tool, get in touch with an LHH representative today.

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AI-driven LHH Career Canvas is now in pilot with candidates around the world

  • Sign-up followed by short questionnaire
  • Job title recommendations and relevant insights
  • AI-driven chat

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