Global Workforce of the Future 2022:

Unravelling the Talent Conundrum

The Global Workforce of the Future Report is our third annual global workforce study that looks at workers’ perspectives on key topics that impact the future of work.

The findings deliver insights to companies and leaders on the shifts they need to make in order to future proof their business.

The 2022 report features the rise of #Quitfluencers, the geopolitical uncertainty and presents the three areas companies need to focus on as an antidote to the wage inflation crisis, namely workers' flexibility, career progression and mental health.

The results provide insights into the attitudes of the current workforce and offers food for thought to help organizations future-proof their talent.

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Key Insights from the 2022 Research

of workers globally want to leave their job in the next 12 months

of those who want to stay in their current company would only do so under the condition of reskilling and progression in their job

of workers never had a career progression conversation

Of all workers globally worry that their salary is not high enough to deal with inflation

About the Research


Workers from 25 countries

Over 30,000 people were surveyed globally, of which 15,000 were office-based and 15,000 were non-office-based. Respondents must have had a non-desk or desk job, employed by the same employer for at least two months, with contracts of at least 15 hours for non-desk workers and 20 hours for desk workers.

The fieldwork was conducted between 8 April – 30 May 2022 in local languages, with respondents from 25 countries answering a 20-minute online survey. The results provide insights into the attitudes of the current workforce and offers food for thought to help organisations future-proof their talent.

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