Redundancy Support Audit

Are you offering your employees the best redundancy support? Compare yourself to leading organisations.

Tip Top

Tip Top.

You and your organisation are on top of your game when it comes to supporting your employees through redundancy. With this strategic approach of supporting your people through transformation, the question can then be on what’s next? What investments in your workforce can be made to adopt talent management strategies that support movement away from a replaceable workforce to one that is renewable. Have a read of our Return on the Individual whitepaper to find out more.

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Great, but could be greater

Good, but could be better.

It is recognised that you are supporting your people in some way or another. However in order for you to truly benefit from the support you offer to employees during redundancies you may have to refine your process. It could be that you have forgotten your remaining employees or are left unsure about what to do with a sudden leadership exit, either way you can make sure you cover all areas with our Best Practice Guide to Outplacement.

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Best Practice Guide to Outplacement

High risk

Room for improvement.

Unfortunately, it looks like you’re not offering adequate support to your employees during redundancies compared to other organisations. Throughout such a disruptive period, organisations can’t afford to face the negative consequences of a poorly handled redundancy process. Take a look at our latest research on Rethinking Redundancy and see how improvements can be made.

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Rethinking Redundancy