The State of
Coaching & Mentoring

Improve organisational culture by developing and hiring better coaches and mentors


Formally or informally, some form of coaching or mentoring is taking place in your organisation. Done well, it can help organisations prepare employees for future challenges and positively impact business performance.

LHH recently sponsored a global survey that focused on how the coaching and mentoring landscape is changing.

The topics included:

  • The importance of coaching and mentoring now and in the future
  • Factors that hinder effective coaching and mentoring
  • How well organisations instill a coaching culture
  • The impact of coaching and mentoring on individual and organisational performance
  • The key differences between organisations that excel at coaching and mentoring versus those that do not

The State of Coaching & Mentoring 2021 report explores the findings of this survey, including how to improve organisational culture by developing and hiring better coaching an mentors. In this report, you'll find a high-level summary of the survey's ten major findings and actionable takeaways.

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