Culture Solution

A new approach to building culture change
for greater business results

Companies scoring in the top quartile on organizational health achieve, on average, 4x more revenue growth compared with the bottom quartile.

Study after study shows that companies that purposely craft cultures that engage, include, and develop employees reap significant financial returns and competitive advantage. While these numbers paint a compelling picture, it can’t be left to chance.

The LHH Organizational Culture solution includes a full diagnostic of the company culture—integrating qualitative and quantitative data, a debrief of the results, identification of the desired cultural values, and finally the creation of a roadmap identifying the activation steps.

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During an organizational culture review, planning is conducted in four areas:

Is your culture strong enough to face the next challenge?


5 key moments when culture can unexpectedly shift:


Internal reorganization can lead to unwanted shifts in the company culture. Deliberate, careful effort is needed to maintain the desired culture.

Mergers & acquisitions

M&As necessitate building a shared culture that integrates the values, practices, and norms of both organizations.

New Leadership

Changes in leadership cause shifts in an organization's culture. Organizations must encourage the desirable shifts and tackle the unwanted ones.


Major changes such as new technologies and processes or sudden growth can be disruptive. Culture plays a large role in whether change succeeds.


A strong, well-defined culture can help your organization weather the storm of financial downturns, PR disasters, and other crises.

Savvy companies are getting intentional about defining and shaping workplace culture. To learn more about and how you can build a healthy, sustainable culture, get in touch with us today.