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Best Practices in Leadership Transition

Why So Many Companies Get It Wrong and What To Do About It

Like all great organizational challenges, solutions are found in solid preparation.

This guide examines some of the triggers for executive departures, the negative consequences of a poorly managed exit, and solutions that can help you and your organization manage amicable and positive transitions. 

Download our best practice guide and you will find a template to managing senior executive transitions to help you consider the preparation needed. 


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“If you are like most CHROs, you probably have no plan for unexpected crises like this. Most organisations put little planning or forethought into how they will respond to sudden executive departures.”

– William Brown, SVP, Global Managing Director, ICEO

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In today’s marketplace, organisations are discovering the need to turn their attention inward to find their future talent. At LHH, we help companies see the possibilities in their people. Through assessments, coaching, upskilling and transitioning, companies can realise the untapped potential within their own workforce, resulting in increased productivity, morale, and brand affinity.

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