Rethinking Redundancy



Initially LHH, in partnership with Censuswide, conducted this research to gauge the current attitudes towards redundancies. But as the research was being conducted during the height of the Covid pandemic, we expanded the scope of the report to investigate the stresses and challenges being experienced by HR leaders and employees.

With feedback from 1,000 employees and 300 senior HR decision makers, this report outlines the current fears and anxieties caused by the current situation. It provides valuable insight into how businesses are rethinking the redundancy process and the human impact it has on all those involved, identifying 3 key areas that businesses need to address.


Rethinking redundancy and offering outplacement 

Our research has identified 3 key areas on how businesses can effectively manage redundancies and best support those impacted by it:

  • Offer different support for different individual needs.
  • Support the ‘survivors’.
  • Optimise the value of outplacement.

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“60% of employees do not feel supported by their employer during this pandemic” 


LHH Rethinking Redundancy

Why do organisations provide outplacement support?



It’s the right thing to do


Improving employee morale, motivation and productivity


Improving reputation and protecting employer brand


Minimising and avoiding legal risk

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