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We're the leading outplacement provider and we work all over the world, giving more than 300,000 people career support every year. Our range of outplacement services can be tailored to your organisation’s specific needs. Whether that be large scale restructures for your front-line staff or executive support for your C-suite leaders we have the trusted career coaches, programmes and technology to support you and your  employees.

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What is outplacement?


Outplacement is a service offered to employees who have lost, or will be losing their job, to help them quickly find a new path. This may include a new role in the same or a different industry, retraining, retiring or starting a business. Services include career coaching, CV writing, interview preparation, skill development, referrals to hiring managers and targeted job leads. The services are paid for by employers, but provided by independent providers who work directly and confidentially with employees.

What are the benefits of outplacement?

There are a number of benefits experienced by organisations that provide outplacement or career transition support to their employees:

- Supporting employees directly impacted by redundancy helps support a smoother transition for the employee and the business

- Providing impacted employees with outplacement support helps ensure a positive relationship and decreases the risk of the organisation being spoken about in a negative way

- Engagement of “surviving” employees is maintained as they see their colleagues treated well and know that if this were to happen to them, that they too would be supported

- Protecting the employer brand in this way shows potential new employees, clients and other stakeholders that the organisation values and supports its people thereby supporting talent acquisition and retention strategies

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