How to prepare for large-scale restructuring


The 2022 guide to transforming your workforce



Prioritise people in your sustainable workplace transformation program.

Successfully managing a large-scale restructuring program is resource heavy and requires a comprehensive plan to mitigate risks. You will need to consider a wide range of capabilities including (but not limited to) project management, leader capability, employee engagement and HR capacity. 

However, the biggest risk is failing to ensure your employees are engaged and well supported throughout the process. 

Different people require different support. 

The Large-scale Restructuring Guide defines the building blocks of a business restructure and clarifies the pivotal role HR leaders play in the process. It illustrates a 10-step HR approach for your program - one that is focused on people, your greatest resource.

Redefine workplace transformation - from complex to collaborative.

The guide will ensure your restructuring program covers all areas of risk and details:

  • Key HR activities to support a restructuring programme
  • Best practice in managing large-scale restructuring programmes
  • How to support your people including, at-risk employees, managers & leaders, HR, remaining employees and the organisation
  • Key risks and mitigations


The building blocks of a restructuring project


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"Projects are 4-5 times more likely to be completed on schedule when change support is excellent"

Why is it important people are at the heart of a restructuring program?

90% of employees felt disappointment, anger and frustration towards their employer when made redundant.

Projects are 4-5 times more likely to be completed on schedule when change support is excellent.

55% of workers experience chronic stress when going through a period of significant change and uncertainty.

41% of employees felt extremely worried when finding out their role was being made redundant.

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