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Life after Aviation

November, 2020

Discover new opportunities, make new connections, and realize your career vision.

Covid19 has impacted so many industries and changed many lives, especially Travel and Aviation industry. Join our webinars where we will look into Career Change, how do you prepare the change, where do you stand emotionally. How to make plan and get ready for your next stage.

We have invited Andrew and KC to share how you should combat challenges, deal with your day-to-day and focus on long term future goal instead of NOW.


Insights of the day:
  • What do I want to do NOW vs. FUTURE?
  • Think “Process”
  • How do I prepare?
  • Mindset shift.
  • Where do I start? 


English Webinar:



November 24, 2020

10.00 am - 11:00 am

網絡研討會 - 中文版:



上午10:00 – 11:00


Andrew Kwong

Lead Consultant
Lee Hecht Harrison

Andrew has extensive experience in providing support to all workforce levels. he coaches through the career transition process to help them develop, manage and realise their careers goals. Andrew also has over 20 years of Executive Search experience. Prior to joining LHH, Andrew was with A.T. Kearney Executive Search, as Vice President and Managing Director for Hong Kong.


Client Solutions Director
Lee Hecht Harrison

KC has over 20 years’ experience working in the travel industry, and he will share his first-hand experience on how he coped with the uncertainty after being made redundant due to the Covid-19. Learn how KC managed strategy and resiliency, and ultimately how he managed to change industry and successfully land a new job in the middle of the pandemic.

About LHH

In today’s marketplace, organisations are discovering the need to turn their attention inward to find their future talent. At LHH, we help companies see the possibilities in their people. Through assessments, coaching, upskilling and transitioning, companies can realise the untapped potential within their own workforce, resulting in increased productivity, morale, and brand affinity.